Introducing Christine McLaren - the face behind Cruising Edu

01 Apr 2015
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Introducing Christine McLaren - the face behind Cruising Edu

Christine McLaren started her career as a Physical Sciences teacher at Durban Girls High School. Even in the early years of her career, she showed an aptitude for writing educational material - a skill that would stand her in good stead in future years.

Christine went on to teach and be Head of Physical Sciences at schools such as Maris Stella and Crawford College. In 2012, Christine left behind 14 years of full-time teaching, as she was commissioned by Macmillan publishers to write a series of Natural Sciences and Physical Sciences textbooks for the CAPS syllabus. Christine has authored and co-authored no less than 8 textbooks in her career.

I feel that Cruising Edu has now grown to the point where we can offer teachers, parents and learners sound advice on textbooks and Ebooks, so that they may make informed decisions when choosing their learning and teaching support material.

Christine McLaren

Christine has been very involved in learner holiday-development programmes as well as teacher-development programmes and is still a highly sought after Physical Sciences tutor.

The involvement in the writing of these textbooks allowed Christine to really focus on the South African education system and the challenges that it faces. She then began selling textbooks online, having a very in-depth knowledge of the textbooks available for the South African curriculum. This business has grown from strength to strength and Cruising Edu has now expanded to supply not only textbooks but Ebooks and discounted stationery as well.

It can be a daunting task for parents when making decisions as to what books to buy and we are able to assist them from our long-standing involvement in the business. The addition of very affordable stationery is just an added bonus for parents - as well as the ease of being able to order online and have your order delivered to your door.

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